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Your Virtual Store will never be the same, the best resources to sell your products online, integrated store to Facebook, Instagram, Marketplaces, Google Shopping, Free Market and the best everything in automatic, create your virtual store today. Online Stores Online e-commerce platform complete!

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Discover the features that will make your virtual store a great success in sales! See the features that will put your virtual store ahead of other virtual stores, we have everything you need since integrating with Instagram, Facebook, Google Shopping and Marketplaces are endless possibilities, no matter the size of your business surely we have the solution of e-commerce and we can take care of it, know all the resources in the whole.


Checkout Transparent

Increase your sales by up to 35% on your store’s sales conversion when using transparent checkout.


Control the sales of your store, more and less sold products and organize your e-commerce better.


Navigate the simplicity of e-commerce with greater security in a simple and fast way to get the most out of your business.

print orders

Navigate the simplicity of e-commerce with greater security in a simple and fast way to get the most out of your business.

Status Orders

Customize order status according to your needs, purchase and shipping status.

Billing Ranking

Learn how to improve by tracking your store’s position in the Dashboard billing rankings.



Enter categories and subcategories in your products and have an organized online store.


Improve your customer’s navigation by organizing your products by brand.

Product Ranking

Learn how much to improve by following the position of your store in the ranking of Dashboard products.


Discount coupons

Offer benefits at your store. Create discount coupons in a simple, personalized way.

Free shipping

Improve your customers’ shopping experience. Stipulate products, regions and minimum value for freight exemption.

Social networks

Enhance your audience engagement by reporting to social networks on your store homepage.

Notify me when available

Ensure upcoming missing product sales in inventory by collecting e-mail from interested parties.

Email Capture

Expand your contact base by knowing the best time to request visitors’ email.

Payment methods

Evidence of ways to pay for your business with operator seals – such as pagseguro, paypal at the footer of your store.


Payment Via E-mail

Make it easy to pay by allowing it to be finalized in your store environment without redirects.

Integration and Transportation

Easily integrated customization and customization of custom freight prices for the needs of the store.

Billing Possibility

Make available the option of your customer to ask to be billed the payment will be invoiced internally.

Payment Market

Accept all forms of payments available, accepted by the market paid one of the free market companies.


Accept all forms of payment made available by Paypal, the world’s leading payment segment company.

Delivery Payment

Make available your client’s option to pay on product delivery.

List Products

Find the product you need by entering just one information: name, description, URL or code.

Create Products

Register products with convenience, speed and enjoy to caprice in the description.

Your Google Store

Navigate the simplicity of e-commerce with greater security in a simple and fast way to get the most out of your business.


Contract with Post Office

Use all the terms of your contract only by entering adm code and password.

Additional Services

Declaration of value, delivery in hand and acknowledgment of receipt.

Add Value to Freight

If required, you can add a fixed amount or percentage to the freight service.


Economic service of ordering offered by the Post Office.


Possibility of sending your product with guaranteed delivery on the same day of the posting for all municipalities in Brazil.


Activate the motoboy shipping form for express deliveries and register the zip codes that will be answered.


Abandoned Cart

Abandoned carts unique service with newsletter integrated with the products of your store.

Integrated Instagram Shop

Your online store can be integrated directly into Instagram, making your products available automatically.

Virtual store Facebook

Your online store can be integrated directly into Facebook, making your products available automatically.

Google Analytics

Monitor the outcome of your marketing campaigns, traffic, conversion rate, and more.

Pixel Facebook

Pixel Facebook integration for remarketing, ideal for ads and conversion tracking.

Google TagManager

Integration with Google TagManager, any and all code in one place, clean code.

Complete E-commerce Platform

Create your free online store

No hassle and no need to use credit card! It’s quick and easy and does not take 1 minute.

Various applications available that offer advantages and add competitive edge to your business. Special and exclusive features for shopkeepers

Lojas Virtuais Online. Abandoned cart recovery, comment on products, Google tools, and more!

Plataforma Loja Virtual Responsiva


Marketplaces, also known as virtual shopping malls, are excellent channels to boost the sale on the Internet, because through them the user is easier to find their offers.

Are you in doubt? access this complete material that addresses all about virtual shop, a complete material that will make you an expert so you can apply everything in your online store.


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